Progressive Volunteers (PV-Kenya) is a community-based volunteer organisation working to promote community development initiatives through volunteerism in Kenya. PV-Kenya works with a team of dedicated volunteers to support sustainable solutions to community challenges in some of the most deprived and vulnerable communities, running projects through the themes of education, skills development and advocacy on thematic issues.


Our vision is for strong, safe and empowered communities that are able to lead their own development and meet their own needs.

Underpinned by a local commitment and appreciation of volunteering, we work for the healthy betterment of our nation’s communities: improved standards of living, fine access to high quality, affordable services, and increased access to practical educational and economic opportunities.


Our vision is supported by the active missions of volunteerism. We utilise volunteer initiatives as ways to promote and enable community-led developments.

We strive to meet, enhance and strengthen local needs and local capacities. We believe that these accomplishments can transform the lives of the vulnerable, disempowered and disadvantaged members of Kenyan societies.

Organization Values

As volunteerism is the strength of our organization, it is also the voice of our values.   Our volunteers are passionate in PV-Kenya’s mission and vision – they are the footprints of who we are and what we believe. Likewise, the early passion shown by our volunteers led us to create a mandate of 10 core values that guide as an organisation.

Together as Progressive Volunteers:

  1. We are committed to nurturing volunteerism to promote local development.

  2. We are focused on working in partnership and proactively engaging within the community.

  3. We   believe in robust accountability at all levels including downward to the community, sideways to partners, and upward to funders and donors.

  4. We embrace integrity in everything we do. As a not-for-profit, independent, politically neutral, community-based organisation, we are committed to speaking out against all forms of corruption, discrimination and prejudice. We aim to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, particularly when dealing with potentially sensitive or confidential information.

  5. We respect diverse cultural values, practices and differences.

  6. We seek to achieve environmental and financial sustainability in the work we undertake and strive to increase self-sufficiency in communities.

  7. We seek to empower communities, reduce poverty, improve the quality of life of local people and advocate peacefully for change.

  8. We place great importance on the environment and the potential impacts on future generations, in all the work we undertake.

  9. We are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances, challenges and opportunities.

  10. We seek to support marginalised and disadvantaged groups, as well as promote youth leadership and empowerment.