Progressive Volunteers understands the power of education for Kenya’s communities and why we promote volunteer initiatives that focus on enabling accessible education for all children. Improving the standard of education, and consequential academic skills, in these communities is a vital step to reduce poverty and to achieve better qualities of life throughout the nation. Education influences the wellbeing and standards of living for all community members. 

There are many informal schools in Kenya that struggle to provide an adequate level of education to children living in the community’s overcrowded, low-income areas.  These schools are not state-funded; as a result, they are severely under-resourced, under-staffed and often face additional problems such as poor sanitation and dilapidated structures. Progressive Volunteers works with these informal schools to provide and fill the gap with resources such as textbooks and essential learning materials.

Teaching children in Kenya
Teaching children in Kenya

Education support and Mentorship project

Progressive Volunteers is working with a team of dedicated volunteers to improve the quality of education, promote access to reading materials and help students gain essential life skills.  This entails connecting a student with a benefactor to pay tuition fee and help supply educational materials, and engaging volunteers in the mentorship programme.

 Through the mentorship programme, the organisation identifies on an annual basis 60 academically gifted students who need support to continue their education.  The organization through a team of dedicated volunteers provide free teaching assistance and support the most underprivileged students through mentorship, and organising extra-curricular activities.

Progressive Volunteers uses school performance in end term exams and national exams to track the impact of our work and longitudinally monitor the progress of the individual students we provide intensive support to.  It is envisioned that more students will complete schooling with a high level of literacy and core skills, enabling them to succeed in life. There is also potential for more than 60 students benefiting from the programme each year.

Ruaraka Community Library Project

Progressive Volunteers  established a community library project in Ruaraka to improve access to education and empower local communities. 

Together with our partners, we established a library within the organisation premise, provided the library with 3,520 textbooks for primary and secondary schools and created a book-lending programme and reading clubs in 12 schools in Ruaraka.