Progressive Volunteers believes that volunteerism is a powerful tool to transform social change in the communities. We acknowledge that influencing public policy, decision-making processes, and public sentiment are legal and powerful ways to advance the interests of our community and our organization.  We recognize that advocacy is not only limited to influencing legislation and policy, but also includes: building community awareness; educating the community and decision-makers; and elevating the voices of marginalized communities.

Working through/with volunteers and a network of like-minded organizations, we launch innovative campaigns and conversations on thematic issues affecting the communities.

Be the Change you Wish to See in the World!

Sanitation and clean environment campaigns

Progressive Volunteers has previously run tree-planting projects. We have expanded our activities by organising volunteer cleaning days, placing volunteers with local partners and raising awareness though campaigns and events

Health Education Talks

We have developed linkages with local health centres and community health volunteers (CHV) to assist them with volunteer support by facilitating health education sessions in informal schools and with vulnerable and at-risk groups in the community.

Safety and Awareness Campaigns

Progressive Volunteers work with communities (and particularly more at-risk groups) through volunteers and partners to increase their local capacity to take preventive and reactive action to deal with security. We know for instance that gender-based violence (GBV) is a critical issue in rural and informal settlements. The organization work with partners and place volunteers where there will be greatest impact in helping those most at risk from violence such as GBV.